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Tyler Stuart, Legal Document Assistant

Our team is a group of highly trained and skilled professionals working in many elements of legal document assisting. We have a strong focus on our customer service and understand what it is that our clients need, giving quality and accurate legal document assistance to proceed with the matters they are facing. We are not a team of robots, but compassionate humans who understand the sensitivity of some of the issues that our clients face that require our assistance.

Whether you are looking for legal document assistance for your business, complete a will, or anything in between, our team of professionals is readily available to help with all of your requirements. We truly care about each and every client we have and ensure that we provide the best service to get them the best possible outcome in every scenario. We believe this approach to our business is what sets us apart from the other legal document preparation companies in Santa Barbara.

Meet The CEO

Tyler Stuart, LDA is the CEO and is a registered bonded Legal Document Assistant, Process Server, and also works as a Freelance Paralegal for California Attorneys.  Mr. Stuart has an Associate in Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies from Purdue University, an Associate in Science Degree in Paralegal Studies from Allan Hancock College, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Purdue University. Currently, he is working on his JD degree from the American Institute of Law. Mr. Stuart is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Another Avenue, and is an advocate for those who are at-risk ​, and is committed to assisting those in need by providing them the opportunity to prosper and engage.

Tyler Stuart’s reputation has grown within the community through strong recommendations from our previous clients which have resulted in our client base to grow drastically over recent times. Our experience is able to prepare important and often life-changing legal documents for our clients to reach a better outcome than they had expected. We enjoy knowing that we have the skills and knowledge to provide our clients with accurate and relevant legal document assistance.

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